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Article I

A. Name: Clay County Flyers Radio Controlled Club Inc. #4566
B. Address: 349 Sleepy Hollow Road, Middleburg, FL 32068

Article II

A. Maintain a clean, organized, and safe facility for flying radio controlled (R/C) aircraft.
B. Bring together people interested in building and flying R/C aircraft.
C. Encourage youth and family involvement.
D. Consistently promote awareness of AMA and club safety guidelines.
E. Abide by and enforce terms set forth in the License Agreement with the government of Clay County,
Executed 27 September 2005 including observance of Exhibit B, Rules of Conduct and Membership Rules.

Article III

A. Qualifications: Membership is open to anyone with a current AMA membership willing to abide by the club
Bylaws and rules.
B. Classifications:
1. Full Member – Is anyone sixteen (16) years of age or older, has full voting rights, holds a current AMA
membership, and has satisfied the dues requirements.
2. Youth Member - Is anyone under sixteen (16) years of age, has full voting rights, holds a current AMA
membership, and has satisfied the youth member dues requirements.
3. Family Member – is any family member (spouse, children, and grandchildren) related to the Full
member, has voting rights, holds a current AMA membership, and has satisfied the dues
C. Cards: Club members must be able to display to the attendant of the Clay County Landfill, upon request an
AMA membership card with a current membership decal. Guests of members must have in their possession
their AMA membership and a completed Release (Exhibit C) to fly.
D. Dues : Are required for membership unless otherwise waived. Dues are based on the current Dues Rates
and Schedule for the classification of membership in effect at the time of membership or renewal of
membership. The Dues Rates and Schedule shall be maintained as a separate document to the Bylaws.
E. Termination: If any member ceases to have any of the qualifications necessary for membership in the AMA,
his or her membership in the club shall be terminated but may be reinstated upon proof of reinstatement to
the AMA membership.
F. Expulsion/Suspension: This section provides for enforcement of the rules related to flying activities or other
unacceptable behavior by any individual member or members. Any member may be suspended or expelled
from the club by a majority vote of membership present such as willfully commits any act or omission
which is in violation of the terms of these Bylaws, rules of the AMA, acts detrimental to the club, AMA, or to
model aviation.
G. Reinstatement (after expulsion): A majority vote of membership present is required for reinstatement to the

Article IV

A. Officers: The Board of Directors shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary,
Treasurer, Safety Officer, and any Adjunct Committee Member(s).
B. Term of Office: Officers shall be club members and hold office for a term of one year. To promote club
continuity and longevity, it is recommended a least one officer remain on board to serve as an Adjunct
Committee Member.
C. Duties:
1. President – Will preside over all meetings of the club and Board of Directors. He/she will
appoint individuals and/or committees to hear safety grievances, procedures, or special club
projects as needed. The President will serve as the primary club contact when dealing with the
AMA, Clay County Board Members, and other clubs or organizations. Maintain records as
described in Article VI. Sign-off on all new or reinstated (for dues) memberships.
2. Vice President – Will preside over the meetings of the club and Board of Directors when
President is absent or in the event the President should leave office before his/her term of office
ends. He/she will chair any special committees unless the committee chair requires some
special expertise not within the realm of the Vice President.
3. Secretary – Create/maintain meeting minutes, sign-in sheets, and records not maintained by
other members of the Board. Sign-off on all new or reinstated (for dues) memberships.
4. Treasurer
A. Maintain balanced financial records and bank accounts.
B. Collect dues, fees, and other payments to the club depositing these in a timely
C. Record all collections and expenditures.
5. Safety Officer – Will preside over general flying activities while at the field, advise members
of any unsafe practices, report to the Board of Directors any situation he/she feels requires further
attention. Has the authority to halt any activity considered unsafe by definition of the AMA or club
safety rules. Report at each meeting, without identifying members identity, any unsafe activities
that the membership at large should be monitoring.
D. Vacancies – Vacancies in any office will be filled by the remaining officers or by appointment of a club
member as decided by the remaining officers. Such appointee will serve until the end of the term to
which his/her predecessor was elected.

Article V: Meetings

A. Club Meetings – Club meetings will be held at a time and place designated by the Board of Directors as
published by e-mail to all members with a current e-mail address and posted on club bulletin board.
B. Special Club Meetings – The Board of Directors may call special club meetings. The purpose of the special
club meeting will be stated in the written notice to be provided no less than five (5) days prior to that
meeting. Notice will be published by e-mail to all members with a current e-mail address and posted on club
bulletin board.

Article VI: Record Keeping

A. Records of the club will be the responsibility of the Board of Directors. Specific records will be kept by each
Board member as indicated below:
1. President – Correspondence with county officials, the AMA, club Bylaws, corporate documentation,
and club roster.
2. Vice President – Create and pass along special committee meeting records to the Secretary.
3. Secretary – Meeting minutes, club rosters, signed-in sheets for general meetings, closed grievances
and records not specifically maintained by other board members or as directed by the club
4. Treasurer – All financial records, including but not limited to collections, payments, and bank records.
5. Safety Officer – Record of written and/or verbal notice to members that violate AMA or club safety
guidelines. He/she will also maintain any active grievance procedures.

Article VII: Committees

A. The President may establish and appoint members in good standing to serve on standing and/or
special committees.
B. All committees will function in an ex-officio capacity acting solely in an advisory capacity.

Article VIII: Nominations and Elections

A. Nominations – Nominations for officer positions may be made verbally during meetings or at any other time
provided the nomination is made in writing to a board member. Written notice may be made by mail or
e-mail. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure the notice was received by the board member notified.
B. Elections – Elections are held annually during the September meeting. Candidates must receive a combined
majority vote of the members in attendance and those voting by proxy.

Article IX: Miscellaneous Provisions

A. Dissolution of Club – The duration of the club shall be perpetual; however, the club may be dissolved with a
two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the total membership.
B. Upon dissolution of the Club, the Board shall, after paying or making provisions for payment of all liabilities of
the Club, donate all remaining Club assets to only non-profit organizations.
C. Officer expenditures – With the President’s approval, the Board is permitted to expense up to $200.00 per
month in the Club’s behalf without prior permission from its members.

Article X: Amendments of these Bylaws

A. Amendments – May be made to the Bylaws at any meeting of the membership provided members are been
notified in writing at least five (5) days in advance of the amendment(s) consideration. Notification of
amendment consideration will be posted on Club bulletin board and via e-mail where email address is
B. Amendments will be approved by not less than a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members in

Article XI: Grievance Procedures (Flight, Safety, Rules of Conduct, and Membership Rules)

A. Purpose – the grievance procedure provides a mechanism to enforce existing rules by providing a progressive
disciplinary system when needed. Although most complaints can be resolved informally, if a complaint is
serious or cannot be resolved informally, the matter should be referred to Special Committee for
consideration. Committee members will be appointed by the President and known only to the President and
Vice President. The Vice President will chair the Special Committee. He/she will review the grievance with
the other members of the Committee and render a recommendation. The grievance must be submitted
in writing and signed by at least one witness.
B. Violations:
1. First Violation:
A. Viewpoints of complainant, witnesses, and accused will be considered.
B. Upon the Special Committee’s recommendation a verbal reprimand may be given to the
C. The Chairman of the Special Committee shall record recommendation(s) and forward to the
President for consideration. Upon review by the President, he/she may adjudicate the
recommendation. After adjudication, the Secretary shall maintain closed violations for a period of
two years.
2. Second Violation:
A. The accused has a right to a written rebuttal to be reviewed by the Special Committee.
B. The Chairman of the Special Committee shall record the minutes and recommendation(s) and
forward to the President for consideration. Upon review by the President, he/she may adjudicate
the recommendation or forward to the Board. The Board may issue a letter of reprimand and/or
suspension of flying privileges for a period of thirty days. When completed, the Secretary shall
maintain closed violations for a period of two years.
3. Third Violation:
A. The President will notify the accused in writing of the violation(s).
B. The President will call a Special Meeting of club members via e-mail. Club members will be apprised
of the violation.
C. Voting will be carried out by secret ballot at a special membership meeting.
D. Members will vote on the suspension or expulsion of the accused. If expulsion is deemed
appropriate, the member expulsion will last a minimum of one year (longer if deemed necessary by
the Board of Directors).
E. The expelled member may reapply for membership after the expiration of the expulsion period.
4. The action for a third grievance offense will not be enforced unless all grievances are accumulated within
a two year period of time.
5. Any member receiving a grievance, who directs any retaliation action against the person filing said
Grievance may be subject to immediate expulsion from Clay County Flyers R/C Club. Any threats,
physical harm, intimidation, intentional equipment damage, or any other action deemed to be retaliatory
by the Board of Directors.

Article XII: Violations of the Lease Agreement with Clay County, Membership Rules, and Rules of Conduct

A. Membership Rules and Rules of Conduct – Members acknowledge their understanding and agree to abide by
these rules as a condition of membership. A member found in violation of any of these rules may be subject
to expulsion from the club.
B. Use of Doctors Inlet Landfill as an airfield for Clay County Flyers R/C Club is contingent upon terms set forth in
the License Agreement the Clay County government. Club members and their invited guests must abide by
these terms. Violations may result in loss of membership, loss of the flying field to all members and/or
payment for damages.
C. Violations of the agreement with Clay County government may be grounds for immediate expulsion as
decided by the sitting Board of Directors.
1. The entry gates shall never be left open at any time during hours the Doctors Inlet Landfill is closed.
Members will always ensure gate is relock upon entry.
2. No member or invited guest may dispose of solid waste or other refuse when Doctors Inlet Landfill is

Passed 17FEB2018